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Poll: What's the Best Way to Make Up New Jersey's $800M Budget Shortfall?

It's not exactly pocket change, but Christie and the Legislature are going to have find it somewhere

Earlier this week, state Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff revealed that New Jersey is facing an $800 million shortfall in this fiscal budget year -- which has only two more months to go. Unlike the federal government, the state must balance its books by July 1: It doesn’t have the ability to print money and cannot run a deficit. With so little time to find a sum that large . . .

What do you think Gov. Chris Christie and the state Legislature should do?

  • Furlough 40,000 state workers for a month. I bet most of them won’t be missed.

  • Sell off a piece of the NJ Turnpike. Every governor talks about doing it – now might be the time.

  • Push off part of the $1.5 billion pension payment that Christie and the state Legislature have vowed to make by July 1. They seem to have little choice.

  • Borrow the money -- that’s what we usually do, don’t we? Maybe the governor’s good friend, Home Depot cofounder Ken Langone, will give us a three-month loan.

  • Anything but breaking the promise on the pension payments. That will bring us back to square one. We’ll have to rely on Sidamon-Eristoff to find some money hidden in the cushions. He’s been good about searching out nonrecurring revenue in the past.

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