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$33.9 million

March 14, 2014

The state recovered $33.9 million in Medicaid fraud in 2013, according to the federal Health and Human Services department, making it 14th in the country last year in the amount recovered by law enforcement agencies.

Medicaid Fraud Units, which are administered by the state and funded jointly by the state and federal government, conducted 364 investigations in New Jersey last year, resulting in 22 indictments and 14 convictions. There were also 14 civil settlements.

Most of the recoveries were due to civil settlements: $32.7 million was regained in that manner. Only $1.8 million was recovered through fraud convictions.

Virginia, Texas, and Louisiana were the top three states recovering monies due to Medicaid fraud last year. Virginia obtained more than $1 billion -- $704 million through fraud convictions. Texas recovered $197 million and Louisiana $188 million. All three states employ large numbers of investigators in their fraud decisions. Virginia has 96 staff members in its fraud unit; Texas has 181; and Louisiana has 52. New Jersey has 35.

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