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Some Big-Budget Sandy Projects Still Lack Legal Oversight

Only five projects have been assigned integrity monitors, with no hard facts as to when others will be put in place


Last year, the state legislature passed a law calling for integrity monitors to be assigned to keep tabs on the budget of certain Sandy-recovery contracts.

As it turns out, only five monitors have been assigned thus far, according to the New Jersey Department of the Treasury. And one was put in place just last month for the Department of Community Affairs, which is responsible for $1.8 billion in Sandy funds.

"I don’t think it takes 12 months for either the governor’s office or his administration or his treasurer to assign integrity monitors to projects,” said Assembly woman Sheila Oliver, who co-sponsored the law requiring Sandy monitors.

A spokesman for the Treasury was unable to say how many projects need oversight.

Read the full story and listen to the audio coverage by WNYC/NJPR reporter Sarah Gonzalez. WNYC is a content-partner with NJ Spotlight.

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