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How Should NJ Schools Spend a Possible Increase in State Aid?

It's far from a fortune, but the governor's prospective budget calls for a $20-per-student boost in aid to schools

Gov. Chris Christie's proposed state budget includes a modest increase in state aid to New Jersey’s public schools.

How modest? The administration says that it comes to about $20 per student.

That’s a small sum when spending-per-student tops $15,000 in New Jersey -- depending on who does the math -- but the bright side for schools is that at least it's more than they got this year.

In an attempt to determine what the schools can do with an extra $20 per student, we're asking our readers what the money might go for. We've offered a few options, but you can suggest your own in the comments section.

How should New Jersey schools spend the extra $20 per student?

  • Buy one new book of classic fiction or nonfiction that every student can keep as his or her own.

  • Invest in a new workbook on the Common Core State Standards, priced at $14.35.

  • Apply the money to the district’s overall costs, to help defray property tax increases.

  • Target the increase to specific costs borne by students and their families, such as field trip fees.

  • Convert it into cash and give it to teachers to buy supplies.

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