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Ex-Prosecutor Urges Legislative Probe In Hunterdon Sheriff’s Case

Barlyn consulted his aunt and legal mentor, Judith Yaskin, former First Assistant Attorney General under Democratic Gov. Brendan Byrne, before deciding to file suit.

“I support Ben’s decision to take action and not remain silent,” Yaskin said. “We take an oath in the criminal justice system that we will make decisions on who gets indicted ‘without fear or favor.’ That’s what justice is.”

One Hunterdon Republican said privately that “Barlyn is a consummate professional, and he just viewed what Trout did as so damaging to the law enforcement profession and he felt so righteous about it that he just can’t let it go.”

Christie nominated Dow to a Superior Court judgeship the following year, and when Essex County Democrats exercised senatorial courtesy to block her nomination, Christie moved her to a $215,000 a year job as deputy counsel at the Port Authority. She then moved to Burlington County, a Republican-controlled county, and went before the Senate Judiciary Committee for confirmation.

Questioned by Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D-Union), the committee’s chairman, about Barlyn’s lawsuit, she insisted she had acted properly. She said Barlyn’s firing had been an “employment decision,” and that the Hunterdon prosecutor’s office had had a “troublesome history.”

"With respect to the allegations, I deny them and believe they are not going to be substantiated," Dow said.

She was confirmed by the Senate, and those are the last words Dow has said publicly about the subject.

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