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How Do You Rate Chris Cerf's Tenure as Education Commissioner?

Cerf pushed tirelessly to implement Christie's education agenda -- for better or for worse

Chris Cerf announced this week that he will be stepping down as New Jersey's education commissioner. It's been a lively three years, to say the least.

Cerf has unabashedly led Gov. Chris Christie’s education agenda through its highs and lows. He was central to the state’s tenure reform law, its expansion of charter schools, and its interventions in the toughest districts, including the state-run Newark and Camden schools.

Now, as he heads out the door . . .

What do you think of Cerf’s tenure as education commissioner?

  • Bold leader: Cerf has brought important changes to New Jersey, including accountability to districts and educators and a laser focus on lifting achievement for all students.

  • Good start: Cerf has made a strong beginning, with a great deal still to be done in implementing the changes.

  • Too much, too fast: Cerf’s policies have forced too many changes on districts with too few resources.
  • A step backward: Cerf has brought in policies that have beaten down schools and educators, and only hurt public education.

  • Not much has changed: The talk all sounds good, but this too shall pass.

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