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February 7, 2014

The average cost of daycare for a four-year-old child in New Jersey is $9,098, according to the National Association of Child Care and Referral Agencies.

For infants, the average price of fulltime daycare is $11,135, slightly less than the average cost of in-state college tuition, which is $12,041. Nationally, the rate for infants in daycare ranges from $4,591 to $19,560. The rate for four-year-old children is $3,911 to $14,964.

In-home care is cheaper, of course, than childcare centers. For infants, in-home care costs an average of $8,331 and the price for a four-year-old child is $7,626.

For married couples in New Jersey, this cost represents about 10 percent of income. For single mothers, it represents about 35 percent of income.

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