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Christie's Crisis Management Style Put to Test by 'Bridgegate' Brouhaha

Governor’s statement expresses outrage after initial downplaying of brewing political scandal

george washington bridge

First, he responded with his familiar mix of sarcasm and dismissive humor to suggestions that lane closings on the George Washington Bridge may have been politically motivated.

Then, when one of his appointees resigned after Port Authority officials testified that the lane closings may have broken federal law, Gov. Chris Christie politely and soberly answered reporters’ questions.

Finally, the governor expressed righteous indignation after learning that emails connected his staff strongly suggested that political payback was behind the lane closings.

NJ Public Radio reporter Matt Katz takes a look at the "Three Stages of Chris Christie's Crisis Management" as the governor's reaction evolved -- from sarcasm, to apologies, to expressions of outrage -- over revelations of his staff's involvement in the closing of lanes of the George Washington Bridge as apparent political payback.

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Matt Katz is a reporter for New Jersey Public Radio covering state politics. NJ Spotlight, in partnership with NJPR, is running his in-depth stories.

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