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Poll: What's Your Take on Bridge-gate?

Was the traffic jam from hell really politically motivated?

It has all the makings of a political thriller. Two Port Authority execs -- Bill Baroni and David Wildstein -- engineer a rogue traffic study on the George Washington Bridge, clogging the streets of Fort Lee with cars, trucks, and buses.

Baroni (who was pulling down $289,000) and Wildstein ($150,000) are pretty fat cats. Did they really Mickey Mouse the lane closures as political payback because the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee didn't support the governor's reelection bid?

Baroni and Wildsteen have resigned. State Democrats are subpoenaing emails and documents. The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee has just launched a probe . . .

What do you think of Bridge-gate?

  • It’s an outrage -- a perfect example of a rogue agency run amok. It sounds like people should go to jail. I’m glad there will be a congressional investigation because the Port Authority has become a cesspool of political corruption and payback, as well as a dumping ground for political hacks.

  • The lack of transparency and the disregard for the public trust is very disturbing. No wonder tolls keep going up. Another $2 per crossing in January. Commissioners need to come to grips with their responsibilities and start answering to the public, not to governors.

  • It’s bewildering. We can’t have gotten the real story yet -- the accusations seem so silly. Maybe its just a nasty fight between the states and political parties. But as we learned with Watergate, it’s the cover-up that will get you in the end. Everyone needs to just fess up and say what happened.

  • The Democrats are on a political witch-hunt. No one believes Christie had anything to do with this, but they are trying to implicate him nonetheless. The two guys resigned. It’s time to turn the page.

  • The whole story -- and the amount of air it is consuming -- is ridiculous. Don’t we have bigger problems to be concerned about?

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