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Poll: What Do You Think of Christie's Choice of Venue for His Inauguration Gala?

The governor's inauguration committee has announced that this year's party will be held in the Grand Hall on Ellis Island

New Jersey governors have been inaugurated in Trenton at least as far back as January 20 1863, when Democrat Joel Parker took the oath of office in the State House. Neither the state Constitution nor state law require an inauguration ceremony, but that hasn't stopped New Jersey's governors from cutting loose. Jon Corzine's 2006 party was held at Princeton University's Jadwin Gym. Chris Christie's first inaugural soiree was held at the Prudential Center in Newark. And Christie has announced that his second inaugural celebration will be held at Ellis Island, the gateway through which million of immigrants to this country have passed.

What do you think of the governor's choice of venue?

  • It's a great idea -- one that will raise the state's profile. New Jersey can lay claim to Ellis Island. So why shouldn't we?

  • It's calculated but smart. Ellis Island is a fitting platform, given the governor's national ambitions. It lends a patina of statesmanship to what might have been just a party

  • It's an outrage. Christie has backpedaled on his promises to immigrants in New Jersey. The choice of Ellis Island is either galling or ironic -- or both.

  • It's just another example of the governor's rampant ego and his grandiose view of himself.

  • Who cares? It's just a party. People take these things way too seriously.

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