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Poll: Is Christie Blowing Smoke About Medical Marijuana?

What do advocates of medical marijuana really want? Across-the-board legalization -- or so the governor says

Gov. Chris Christie may be at his best when he's saying, "No," and he got a chance to shine earlier this week, when he put the kibosh on a bill to expand medical marijuana in New Jersey. "I am done expanding the medical marijuana program. Under any circumstances," he said in that no-nonsense voice. The bill in question would introduce reciprocity to the program, so folks registered in Jersey could buy medical marijuana in any state with a similar program. "Here's what the advocates want,” the governor intoned. “They want legalization of marijuana in New Jersey. It will not happen on my watch. Ever."

What do you think? Is the governor blowing smoke on this issue?

  • Yes. Medical marijuana is a blessing for people with chronic pain or facing chemo. This is just another example of Christie playing to a national audience of conservative Republicans.

  • Yes. Advocates of medical marijuana are just that. They don't have any secret plans to legalize pot in New Jersey. And even if they did, worse things could happen.

  • No. The governor's on track here. Reciprocity will only mean more people who aren't even from New Jersey coming here to buy grass. And more marijuana means more trouble -- for kids, cops, and parents.

  • No. The governor is right in arguing that expanding the program is another step toward across-the-board decriminalization. I feel bad for people who need medical marijuana, but those who need it can now get it in New Jersey.

  • Undecided. I see no reason for people in real need not to have access to medical marijuana -- it shouldn’t be such a big deal. But I don’t favor complete legalization.

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