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Poll: Should New Jersey Help 'Fix' the Affordable Care Act?

The president has said it's up to individual states to let insurance companies extend canceled policies by another year

President Obama said last week that insurance companies could extend by one year any policies they had canceled because they didn't meet the criteria of the Affordable Care Act. That would ensure that policyholders wouldn't have to pay more, even though they would be getting better coverage under the ACA.

The president left it up to the insurance companies and individual state regulators to decide whether or not to continue offering the canceled plans. At least seven states have turned down the president's proposal thus far.

What should New Jersey do?

  • New Jerseyans who will be paying more for coverage deserve a break. The Department of Banking and Insurance should let companies keep offering the plans they had previously decided to cancel.

  • It's too late for insurers to reverse their decisions --and it would wreak havoc with the marketplace. DOBI should stand pat and ignore Obama's offer.

  • President Obama didn't go nearly far enough. The ACA regulations affecting current health plans should be suspended indefinitely, and anyone who wants to should be allowed to enroll in the canceled plans.

  • There isn't enough information available about how letting the canceled plans remain through 2014 will affect the premiums for plans offered through the marketplace. DOBI shouldn't do anything until that issue is cleared up.

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