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Poll: Are We Overtesting Students in New Jersey Schools?

Unlike the tests we want to get your opinion on, there are no wrong answers to this poll

New Jersey now tests students from grades 3-8 and in 11th grade in math and language arts. It is about to embark on still more testing, including end-of-course exams in high schools. And it's not just the students who are invested in these exams; test scores are also being used to evaluate certain teachers.

What do you think of all the testing and what it tells us about our students, our teachers, and our schools?

  • New Jersey does way too much testing, and it is killing instruction and killing our schools.

  • There is too much emphasis on testing, but I recognize there needs to be some objective measure of how much students are learning and how effectively teachers are teaching.

  • It's not so much the testing, but the high stakes placed on the results for schools and for teachers.

  • The testing itself can be significantly improved, using more holistic methods that look at student work and projects over time and are more closely integrated into the classroom instruction.

  • The testing is necessary and appropriate use of time to provide valid information and accountability for students, schools, and teachers.

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