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Poll: What's the Reason behind Gov. Christie's Overwhelming Victory?

The governor won in a big way, but what accounts for his double-digit margin?

Gov. Chris Christie's landslide victory over Democratic challenger Sen. Barbara Buono came as no surprise. But prognostications about the length of the governor's coattails -- and who they might sweep into office -- came to nothing. The Dems lost two seats in the Assembly, one of which will probably go to recount. And the overwhelming approval of the minimum wage ballot question was almost the inverse of the Christie win.

Clearly, the governor didn't carry the day across the board, which leaves us wondering:

What do you think is the chief reason that Christie won by such a large margin?

  • Christie is implementing or advocating policies New Jerseyans want: school reform, tax cuts, and a pro-business agenda. New Jersey is not as liberal as some people think.

  • Christie’s message of bipartisanship and his ability to reach across the aisle is very attractive in this national climate. He compromises in order to get things done. Heck, he’ll even praise the other party occasionally.

  • Christie won on the force of his personality. New Jerseyans believe he is a strong leader who has their best interests at heart, even if they don’t agree with his policies.

  • Barbara Buono was a terrible candidate. She's too liberal, had an unrealistic platform, and came across as shrill.

  • Barbara Buono was abandoned by the Democratic leadership and left to flail on her own, without money or support. She needed both to get her message across. If the party bosses had backed her and she had been able to raise money nationally, she would have had a chance.

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