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Poll: Do You Back the Ballot Question to Raise the Minimum Wage?

If the ballot question passes, annual wage increases will be guaranteed by a Constitutional amendment

On November 5 voters in New Jersey will be asked to decide on a ballot question that would boost the minimum wage to $8.25 (from $7.25) and raise it automatically every year. If passed, the question would become an amendment to the state Constitution.

Labor groups are vocal backers, as are several municipalities, Senator-elect Cory Booker, and gubernatorial candidate state Sen. Barbara Buono. The Fund for Jobs, Growth and Security, a largely union-funded, D.C.-based super PAC has spent close to $700,000 to push the measure.

The question is opposed by some business groups, the New Jersey Farm Bureau, and the Washington, D.C.-based Employment Policies Institute (EPI), which has run radio and TV spots.

With so much attention focused on the initiative, NJ Spotlight wants to know:

Do you plan to vote for the ballot question?

  • Yes. I'm completely behind this initiative. No one can live on New Jersey's minimum wage.

  • Yes. I support the question, but I think that this issue should have been addressed by the Legislature not set in stone with a Constitutional amendment.

  • Not sure. It troubles me that we're addressing a hike in the minimum wage through the state Constitution. Shouldn't our representatives and governor be dealing with this?

  • No. I don't support this much of an increase. And I think it's ridiculous that this proposition is being considered as a possible Constitutional amendment.

  • I'm not going to vote on this issue.

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