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How Far Along the Road to Recovery From Sandy Have We Come?

With the one-year anniversary of the superstorm just days away, it's time to assess the progress that's been made

Next Tuesday is the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. According to official estimates, Sandy caused about $37 billion in losses throughout New Jersey and damaged or destroyed 360,000 homes and businesses.

A year after the storm, roads and boardwalks have been fixed, and homes are in the process of being elevated, but many people up and down the coast are still struggling to repair their damages and return to normal life. As we approach the somber anniversary of the second most destructive hurricane in history, NJ Spotlight asks:

How satisfied are you with the progress we've made on the road to recovery?

  • No one ever said this would be an easy task. There's still a lot of work to do, but we've come really far from where we were a year ago, and the state is generally doing an excellent job.

  • The wait has been frustrating, but there's finally light at the end of the tunnel, with help on the way. Aid money is starting to go out, people are getting buyouts and dunes will be built. Soon life will return to normal.

  • It's a mixed picture. The new boardwalks look great, and the parts of the shore frequented by tourists are mostly back up and running, but look at all the vacant lots in places like Union Beach! Behind the scenes, things aren't so rosy.

  • If you listen to the propaganda, we’re well on the road to recovery. But lives and livelihoods were destroyed, people are still homeless, and we aren’t addressing the needs of the less fortunate. Bureaucratic red tape is making it nearly impossible for people to get the help they need. Where has all the aid money gone?

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