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Op-Ed Photo Essay: Documenting New Jersey's Crumbling Schools

Exhibit staged on Statehouse steps turns lens on widespread disrepair resulting from years of inaction

hallway nj school

An art exhibit on the Statehouse steps yesterday exposed the shameful conditions in some New Jersey public schools. The exhibit, titled “A Blind Eye: The Immorality of Inaction,” highlights the shocking result that four years of delayed repairs, renovations and construction have had on our public schools and the students who attend them.

Powerful and disturbing photos in the exhibit depicted hazardous conditions that currently exist in several schools, including a leaking stairwell at Trenton Central High School known to students as “The Waterfall,” exposed pipes in a student bathroom at Elementary School No. 20 in Paterson, and the 31 long-term-use trailers at Phillipsburg High School.

These atrocious conditions are the result of years of delayed maintenance and stalled new school construction projects by the Christie Administration in the School Development Authority (SDA) Districts (former Abbott Districts).

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