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Poll: Did You Cast Your Vote in Wednesday's U.S. Senate Election?

Did you make it to the polling place in time to cast your vote, or did you have something else on your mind?

New Jersey has a new senator in Cory Booker, who was elected by a substantial margin. Did you spend a few minutes in the voting booth Wednesday? Or have recent events in our nation's capitol put you off politics entirely?

Did you vote in yesterday's U.S. Senate election, and if so, why?

  • Yes. I'm a faithful voter, whether the election is for president or school board.

  • Yes. The government shutdown and the rest of the problems in D.C. only made me more eager to vote.

  • Yes. I like Cory Booker and wanted to do my part to send him to Washington. He's proven that he knows how to work with politicians on both sides of the aisle.

  • Yes. I think Steve Lonegan is a man of sincere convictions not just another smooth-talking politician. We need more people like him in office.

  • No. I'm so disgusted by the mess in D.C. that I couldn't bring myself to vote.

  • No. I forgot.

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