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In 3rd District, GOP Hopes to Trip up Sweeney on Christie's Coattails

“To put an inexperienced person in that spot, I don’t care who it is, it’s a mistake,” Manzo said in published news accounts. "[Trunk was] a roadblock to real local progress and reform, putting her own ambitions and personal preferences before the good of Harrison's residents."

Larry Wallace
Larry Wallace

Trunk told a local newspaper that she cast the lone vote against the roadway because it wasn’t in best interest of the township. "After I left committee, the roadway was complete and they chose to name it after Steve Sweeney. I think that's pretty telling as to the motivations behind this endorsement," she said. "I do have the support of my district, county, and local GOP parties, which is what matters -- not one man in another district."

Harrison Township joined the 5th district as part of redistricting in 2011. Trunk now lives with her husband and three dogs in Monroeville, which remains within the 3rd district.

Throughout this election cycle, two men in Trunk’s district who do matter are her running mates for the General Assembly, Larry Wallace and Bob Vanderslice. Wallace is a Woolwich husband and father of two who owns and operates a dental practice management company. In 2010, the veteran who earned a Navy Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal, and Sharpshooter Ribbon became the first Republican elected to the Gloucester County freeholder board in 15 years.

Life-long Salem County resident Vanderslice is president and CEO of Pennsville National Bank and formerly served on the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and as chairman of the Salem County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. In 2009, he received the Salem County Citizen of the Year award and was elected to the Salem County Board of Chosen Freeholders in 2011. The father of two grown children lives with his wife in Pennsville.

Bob Vanderslice
Bob Vanderslice

Without putting forth a specific plan of action, the Trunk/Wallace/Vanderslice team is running on a platform of lower property taxes, fewer business regulations, and a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget and a cap on annual spending and property-tax increases.

They hope to unseat incumbents Burzichelli -- former mayor of Paulsboro, deputy speaker of the assembly, and chair of the powerful appropriations committee -- and Riley, a teacher who chairs the higher education committee and is the first woman to represent the third district in Trenton.

Together with Sweeney, Burzichelli and Riley are running on their record of supporting seniors and the middleclass by fighting to cap property-tax increases and restore property-tax rebates, restore funding for prescription medications and nursing homes, expand access to business loans, create a family leave act, and increase the minimum wage.

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