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Poll: What's Your Lowdown on the government shutdown?

Have tantrums and ultimatums become a way of life in our nation's capitol?

The federal government’s shutdown -- or slimdown as some have begun calling it -- is now entering its third day. It's been slow in making much of an impact. Essential services -- like Medicaid and Social Security -- have been protected, at least thus far. But the real problems will make themselves manifest somewhere down the line.

What do you think of the fight in Washington, D.C., and what effect do you think it will have on the public after something is resolved?

  • The Republican Tea Partiers are acting like out-of-control toddlers and have hijacked the nation in an attempt to use extortion to get their way. It’s mind-boggling that they are such sore losers. All the rest of us can do is watch and hope that they tire themselves out quickly.

  • This behavior is a failure of leadership -- particularly of those running the Republican House. If they can’t put a stop to this type of blackmail -- and participate in it instead -- they shouldn’t be in office. The GOP needs to re-evaluate its behavior if they hope to ever win a national election again.

  • In general, a pox on Washington, D.C. How did we get to this point? President Barack Obama and Congress need to start working together on behalf of the public, rather than their own agendas. This is just one more reason for the public to be disillusioned.

  • What shutdown? I haven’t felt any effect. So what if a few parks close? We'll save money. It’s more important to stand on principle when you see a policy go awry. If anything, I think this event should give people the courage of their convictions. It shows that even when you are in the minority, you are not powerless.

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