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Poll: Where Do You Come Down on New Jersey's Economic Opportunity Act?

The Economic Opportunity Act is all about making NJ more business-friendly, but can it count you among its friends?

Basically, the Economic Opportunity Act is an overhaul of New Jersey tax incentives for businesses.

The bill is designed to provide financial incentive to companies that create growth and jobs, as well as preserve existing ones. Some of the highlights include expanding the geographic areas throughout the state that are eligible for incentive programs, while still preserving targeted incentives for urban communities. It also makes more money available to rural and suburban communities and offers different thresholds to South Jersey in order to encourage development in that part of the state. It further provides special incentives to the counties hardest hit by Sandy.

It also lowers some of the barriers to entry for doing business in New Jersey -- reducing, for example, the number of full-time employees a company must promise for its payroll before receiving tax incentives.

The act also offers special incentives to specific high-growth industries and those adhering to green-design standards And for the first time, it distinguishes between companies looking to relocate within New Jersey and those moving into the state for the first time.

Those are the basic facts. The question?

What do you think of the state's proposed Economic Opportunity Act, which is expected to win final legislative approval today?

  • I approve. With our high unemployment rate, we need to be more competitive with our neighbors if we’re going to attract new jobs.

  • I oppose. The bill is just a form of corporate welfare at its worst. We have enough of that already.

  • The problem with this bill is that it will just lead to more development in rural areas and more suburban sprawl. New Jersey is way too overdeveloped as it is.

  • The bill is not just imperfect, it’s a mess. It offers a big grab-bag with something for everybody. Something, in this case, is spelled p-o-r-k.

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