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Poll: How Would You Grade Gov. Christie's Education Policies?

As the governor seeks a second term, it's a good time to assess his education agenda thus far

The start of the school year coincides with the unofficial start of the gubernatorial campaign, and Gov. Chris Christie's education platform is a big piece of his record. Teacher pension and health benefits overhaul, tenure reform, charter schools, and school vouchers are all part of the package that comes with the sitting governor, not to mention his famous battles with the state's dominant teachers union.

In that spirit, we ask our readers for their report card on the governor's education agenda and its accomplishments (or failures) so far.

What do you think of Gov. Chris Christie's K-12 education policies so far?

  • He's been spot on, finally shaking up the status quo while still providing enough money for schools.

  • The governor's policies are a work in progress, but he's on the right track in trying to rein in spending, expand school choice, and bring more accountability.

  • He should leave well enough alone; New Jersey's schools are already among the strongest in the country.

  • The governor wants to do too much too fast, ramming through Draconian changes without the support of educators and local communities.

  • Christie is destroying public education, especially in urban centers, as he underfunds budgets and tries to replace district schools with charter and private schools.

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