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No Reform in Sight for Bipartisan Abuse of State Pension Loophole

Christie has repeatedly targeted Sen. Nicholas Sacco (D-Hudson) for being paid more than $300,000 for serving as a state senator, as North Bergen mayor, and as an assistant schools superintendent. Corzine and the Democratic-controlled Legislature passed a bill banning dual office-holding, but “grandfathered in” those already serving in two or more positions. Christie has called for a ban on elected officials holding other fulltime government jobs.

Two years ago, when Weinberg attacked DiVincenzo, then acknowledged that she too was engaging in the same practice, Christie derided Weinberg as “the queen of double standards. No matter how long you've been around here, the hypocrisy meter has to tilt on her."

Christie criticized Weinberg for “hiding behind Bernie Madoff” after Weinberg said she filed to collect her pension on top of her legislator’s salary only after she was victimized by the Wall Street swindler.

The governor was more measured in his criticism of DiVincenzo in 2011, telling reporters he called his Essex County ally and told him the practice was “wrong,” and that it was wrong “not just for him. It’s wrong for all the other people who are doing it.”

Christie declined to take the proffered bait when a reporter asked at a Statehouse news conference if DiVincenzo had been “greedy.”

"I don't know how to answer that question,” the governor told reporters. “Everybody defines greedy in different ways.”

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