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Poll: Hit or Miss, What Will You Be Doing This Sizzling Election Day?

An August special election is a rare occurrence, will voters be just as rare?

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August is more likely to conjure up images of kids running through sprinklers and open fire hydrants than politicians breaking a serious sweat at a meet and greet -- before they start pressing the flesh. Yes, it's August, and the special primary election for the state's open Senate seat is just days away. Pundits and politicos have had it all figured out for months. Nobody is going to show up at the polls. The polls will be standing-room only. And so on . . .

You have the answer. And we'd like you to share it with the NJ Spotlight Community by taking this instant poll. Where you will be this coming Election Day?

Are you and your friends and family planning to vote in this Tuesday's special primary election for U.S. Senate?

  • Yes, even though it’s the dead of summer a primary gives you the best chance to have your vote count.
  • No, the only people who are going to vote in the primary are party activists.
  • I may vote but know few others who will.
  • Why bother? Polls say the election has already been determined. What's more, I don't see much difference between the candidates.
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