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Poll: Barbara Buono's Choice of Milly Silva -- Right Move or Wrong Step?

The Buono-Silva team has grabbed attention across the state, and the country, but what does it signify?

milly silva

The decision by Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Barbara Buono to invite Milly Silva to share the ticket has set tongues wagging among politicos and pundits alike, and sometimes threatens to obscure the real issues in a storm of guesses, second guesses, predictions, and prognostications.

We want to know your opinion. To share it with us all you need do is spend a moment taking this week's poll.

What do you think of Barbara Buono's pick of labor leader Milly Silva as her running mate for lieutenant governor?

  • It's a poor choice: a virtual unknown who has never held public office before doesn't help Buono
  • It's not a good move: Two liberal women on the ticket virtually guarantees the campaign will be too far to the left.
  • It's inspired: Silva appeals to both Latinos and union workers and comes with her own war chest.
  • It's a daring choice: Buono is tossing all her chips into the pot to do what she believes in. It could work out for her.
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