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Poll: What's the Next Step in the March to Rebuild Post-Sandy?

Restore the Shore to its former gritty glory, follow the FEMA maps, re-introduce Mother Nature, or . . . ?

Rebuilding Poll

Sandy caused $37 billion of damage along New Jersey's coast, destroying thousands of people's homes and livelihoods. Some folks want it all back -- boardwalks, rides, and carnival games -- and argue that these tried-and-true attractions will pull in tourists (and their money).

Others take a more tempered approach. The question facing the state is how much consideration should be given to reshaping the 127-mile shoreline to meet the new demands of climate change, environmental impact, and development. Should the state look to regional planning for some answers to these issues? Should the state and local towns consider retreating from the water’s edge? Or are new building codes, FEMA maps, and engineered beaches enough to take care of potential problems in the foreseeable future?

Which approach do you think we should take? (Pick one answer.)

  • We're stronger than Sandy, so we need to restore the shore as close as possible to the way it was.
  • Raising houses, rebuilding structures, and replenishing dunes are good ideas. Other decisions should be made by shore towns and residents.
  • Shore towns aren’t equipped to make important planning decisions. There needs to be a regional approach with true expertise involved. Maybe we should form a Coastal Commission or other regional planning body.
  • The Jersey Shore was overbuilt to begin with. We need to avoid repeating mistakes; offer more money for buyouts; move people away from the water's edge; and return much of the barrier islands to Mother Nature.
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