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March 27, 2013

If you have a hankering for a burger and fries, New Jersey is a great place to satisfy your cravings. A full 50 percent of the restaurants in the state are fast-food establishments, according to County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, a website maintained by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The counties with the largest percentage of fast-food eateries: Camden and Salem (57 percent each). The lowest: Atlantic (37 percent).

Slice the data another way and it's a different story when it comes to the number of fast-food joints in a particular county. At 768, Bergen has the most; Salem, at 38, has the least. (The data is from a U.S. Census Bureau report on county business patterns.)

But before you decide to supersize your order, County Heath Rankings & Roadmaps offers what is by now a familiar warning: "Access to fast-food restaurants is correlated with a high prevalence of overweight, obesity, and premature death."

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