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February 19, 2013

For the most part, New Jerseyans seem undeterred by the impact Hurricane Sandy has had on the Jersey shore: 64 percent of respondents to a Rutgers-Eagleton poll said they plan to spend the same amount of time at the beach this summer as in past years. Only 20 percent said they will spend less time, and 13 percent expect to spend even more time at the shore.

South Jersey and Philadelphians make up the group most likely to spend time at the shore this summer, with 74 percent of respondents from that region saying they plan to spend the same amount as in the past. Of those who will cut back, about 30 percent said they will go for the day rather than four days to a week. Most of those who will be spending less time at the beach this summer (63 percent) point to Sandy as the reason.

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