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July 30, 2012

New Jersey boasts 12,713 physicians with a specialty practice and 11,666 primary care physicians, for a total of 24,739 doctors or 30 per 10,000 population, according to, a web site managed by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

The largest number of specialists are anesthesiologists, at 1,466 or 11.5 percent of the specialists pool, closely followed by psychiatrists at 1,446, or 11.4 percent. The next largest group are the state's 1,231 surgeons (9.7 percent) and 1,047 cardiologists (8.2 percent). The state has 415 oncologists (3.3 percent) and 218 endocrinologists, (1.7 percent.) The rest of the specialists, 46 percent, were not specified other than to say "all other."

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