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Excerpts of Pascrell/Rothman Debate (9th District)

Ninth District Primary Debate Marked By Heated Exchanges.

For four and a half months, Bill Pascrell has been calling himself a fighter and chiding Steve Rothman for moving his residence to avoid running against Republican Scott Garrett.

Pascrell was asked why he didn’t move a town or two over and take on Garrett or another Republican, Rodney Frelinghuysen.

Incensed by the question, Pascrell fired back: “I lived in Paterson all my life. I don’t have to move.” He turned to Rothman and said, “You moved twice, to run the first time and this time . . . If you’re such a progressive, then why didn’t you run against the leader of the Tea Party? Instead you choose to run against your ‘friend.’”

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