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84.8 percent

March 13, 2012

Women still earn less than men, on average, but things have changed since those buttons from the '70s touting 59 cents. In New Jersey, women earn 84.8 percent of what men earn, on average, which ranks it about 10th in the country in terms of pay disparity. Nationally, the number is 81.2 percent, with Delaware (91.3) and California (88.9) ranking highest. New York, at 86.6 percent also ranks higher, but Pennsylvania women only earn 80.8 percent of what men earn. West Virginia (68.8), Wyoming (69.1) and Louisiana (69.8) bring up the rear.

The statistics only take average pay into account for full-time work and do not consider educational attainment. Nevertheless, women typically have a higher educational attainment than men.

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