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NJ Spotlight Editor Talks Politics, Policy, and Perspective On WNYC

John Mooney Assesses Christie's State of the State on The Brian Lehrer Show.

The day after, the first reactions in, Gov. Chris Christie’s State of the State address set the guideposts for Statehouse politics in the year ahead: a proposed 10 percent income tax cut, a push to finish the job on education legislation, a new plan to reform the justice system for both the violent and the nonviolent .

To try to make some sense of it all, NJ Spotlight’s John Mooney spent some time on The Brian Lehrer Show yesterday to discuss the governor’s priority list for 2012, the yeas and nays so far from legislators and others, and the real prospects of any of it happening.

Mooney’s appearance on The Brian Lehrer Show is part of NJ Spotlight’s ongoing partnership with WNYC Radio and its new New Jersey Public Radio, launched last week. More information and its schedule are available online.

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