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March 28, 2011

The Consumer Price Index rose 2.1 percent year to year in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area (which accounts for 14 of the state’s 21 counties).

Not surprisingly, the largest inflationary jump was due to the 19 percent hike in gasoline prices. But home energy costs are up only 1 percent, with the cost of natural gas dropping 6 percent and electricity down 2.9 percent.

Food is up 2.8 percent, with the cost of food at home is up 3.8 percent.

Not counting food and energy, the index was up only 1.4 percent.

The biggest increases were in nondurable commodities, not including food and beverages, which was 8.3 percent and apparel at 4.8 percent.

The costs affected least by inflation were those for household furnishings (-1.6 percent), recreation (-0.8 percent), education and communications (0.2 percent) and shelter (0.8 percent )

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