An NJ Spotlight Roundtable: New Jersey’s Transportation Future

Efficiently moving people and goods around and through New Jersey — with its 8.9 million residents and its 7,354 square miles of land — is the most pressing issue facing the state.

On that, just about everyone can agree. But when you start talking about priorities and funding, questions abound.

On February 19, NJ Spotlight brought together the region’s leading experts and policymakers to discuss these questions. We examined what the future of transportation in New Jersey should look like: What should our priorities be? How do you invest locally and regionally? How do the many tunnels and bridges in our state figure into the picture? What do demographic trends tell us about the future of our mass-transit system?

Then we tackled the big question: How do we pay for it all?

Now you can review or sit in on the this important discussion on the future of transportation in New Jersey, an issue that has enormous implications for every individual and business in the region.

Chapter 1: Keynote by Thomas Wright

Chapter 2: New Jersey’s Transportation Vision

Chapter 3: How do we pay for it?

Keynote address: Thomas K. Wright, President, Regional Plan Association

Panelists: Martin E. Robins, Director Emeritus, Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center, Rutgers University; Michael Travostino, Government Affairs Director, Associated Construction Contractors of New Jersey;Anthony Attanasio, Executive Director, Utility and Transportation Contractors Association of New Jersey; Cathleen Lewis, Director, Public Affairs and Government Relations, AAA New Jersey Automobile Club, Joseph A. McNamara, Director, NJ LECET; Assemblyman Scott Rumana, New Jersey Legislature; Jamie Fox, Former Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Transportation; Sen. Bob Gordon, Vice Chair, New Jersey State Senate Transportation Committee; Jeff Rosenberg, Director of Government Affairs, Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU)

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