The NJ Spotlight Roundtable Series: The Future of New Jersey Solar Policy

New Jersey is one of the country’s leaders in solar energy, with some of the most aggressive deployment goals of any state. But the program that has fostered this growth is changing, from rebate-driven to market-driven. Meanwhile, a new governor has called into question how much state funding will actually be available for solar projects. On November 4, NJ Spotlight brought together key policymakers, leading solar vendors and their customers and almost 100 attendees for a wide-ranging discussion of the future of solar energy in New Jersey.

Chapter 1: Introduction and Opening Remarks
Jobs and megawatts: putting the solar industry in context. Setting hard targets to show Wall Street NJ’s commitment to solar energy.

Chapter 2: Customer Case Studies
Moving to solar power: incentives and advantages. Reducing carbon footprint while earning high ROI. A solar farm on the farm.

Chapter 3: Vendor Q&A
Driving down the price of SRECs. Spot pricing. Establishing appropriate prices for long-term contracts. Surviving the loss of state funding. Solar supply and demand.

Chapter 4: Audience Q&A
Paneling over prime agricultural land. Crowding out small and medium-sized solar customers. Is solar destructive to New Jersey?

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New Jersey Solar Fact Sheet
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