The NJ Spotlight Roundtable Series: Teacher Tenure & Evaluation — A Progress Report

New Jersey’s overhaul of teacher tenure is now law, changing how educators are measured and evaluated — as well as how they are rewarded and disciplined. When this roundtable was held in mid-November, more than two dozen districts were already piloting evaluation systems. With the coming of the New Year, the remaining districts will have decided how they will fulfill the law.

This NJ Spotlight Roundtable Series brought together educators and key players to discuss progress so far, including the chief architect of the law, state Sen. Teresa Ruiz, and the director of education evaluation for the Christie administration, Timothy Matheney.

Moderator: John Mooney, Cofounder and Education Writer, NJ Spotlight

Panelists included:
New Jersey Sen. Teresa Ruiz (D-Essex), chief architect of the new teacher evaluation law
Timothy Matheney, Director of Education Evaluation, New Jersey Department of Education
Joan Cali, Teacher and local NJEA president, Secaucus public schools
David Pawlowski, Principal, Alexandria Middle School
Jasonn Denard, English Supervisor, Arts High School, Newark
Teachers, principals, and superintendents from pilot districts

Chapter 1: Introductions and Opening Remarks
How to ensure a quality teacher in every classroom is one of the most pressing issues that New Jersey faces. And with the passing of new legislation spelling out a framework for teacher evaluation, it can no longer be considered an open question. How will schools across the state enact these new ground rules and how will teachers incorporate them into their daily activities?

Chapter 2: Panel Discussion
The job — for school principals and other administrators, parents, and teachers — is to ensure that students are getting the best possible education in every classroom. Ascertaining if this is so, and taking corrective steps if it isn’t, requires a fair, shared framework that can be used to make meaningful measurements.

Chapter 3: Audience Q&A


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