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Banning Discrimination Based on Hairstyles Associated with Race

Raven Santana | NJTV News | August 6, 2019 | Social

Legislation aims to prevent people — including children — feeling that they have to change the way they look to be accepted

How New Jersey Has Reduced its Prison Population

Leah Mishkin | NJTV News | August 5, 2019 | Social
There are around 12,000 fewer inmates in the state today than 20 years ago; prisoner re-entry programs are seen as key to the change in numbers
NJ’s Homeless Population Decreases, But Nine Counties See an Increase
Colleen O'Dea | July 31, 2019 | Social
Annual survey likely undercounts New Jersey’s homeless; largest increase in 2019 count was in Somerset County
Spreading the Word on Free Summer Meals for Underserved Youth
Briana Vannozzi | NJTV News | July 12, 2019 | Social
Newark kicks off high-profile events to get the word out on its Summer Food Service Program
‘Spike’ in Suicide Attempts by NJ Preteens, Girls Especially
Caren Chesler | June 25, 2019 | Social
As experts look for causes, some are considering social rather than biological determinants and possible link to rise in use of social media
NJ Kids Rank Well in Health and Education, Less Well in Economic Security
Colleen O'Dea | June 17, 2019 | Social
New report rates state fifth in nation for how its children are faring overall, but New Jersey does not do well in key area; racial gap remains a concern
Census 2020: Innovation Could Boost Participation — But It Won’t Come Cheap
Colleen O'Dea | June 12, 2019 | Social
A census coloring book for kids, tablets and laptops loaded with surveys, websites and social media: It’s no wonder census champions are turning to New Jersey’s philanthropic organizations
For State Officials, There’s Nothing Funny About Deadly Threat of Toy Guns
Michael Hill | NJTV News | June 11, 2019 | Social
Sen. Menendez, others call on Consumer Product Safety Commission to formulate and enforce stricter rules to ensure toy guns look like toys
In Struggling AC, A Special Focus On Problems Faced By The Young
Colleen O'Dea | May 24, 2019 | Social
Survey: 14% of city youngsters are thriving, 39% have the tools needed to succeed, 37% are vulnerable and 10% are challenged or fragile
Lawmakers Seek to Curb Time Inmates Spend in Solitary Confinement
Colleen O'Dea | May 23, 2019 | Social
Advocates hope bill will fare better under Murphy administration, given governor’s professed progressive opinions
Ministers Hold Hearings on Police Use of Force in New Jersey
Michael Hill | NJTV News | May 23, 2019 | Social
Testimony about citizens’ encounters with police is being collected across the state
Advocates: New Anti-hunger Laws Will Raise Awareness Of Food Waste
Jon Hurdle | May 10, 2019 | Social
Governor, signing bill package, says it’s a ‘moral failure’ that so many New Jerseyans don’t have enough to eat
Department of Corrections Pushes to Curb Sexual Abuse at Women’s Prison
Michael Hill | NJTV News | May 7, 2019 | Social
Commissioner also reports to Assembly Budget Committee about ongoing efforts to reduce substance-use disorder, change department’s ‘culture’
Why Are New Jersey’s Suburbs so Segregated?
Raven Santana | NJTV News | May 6, 2019 | Social
Civil rights summit is told that legislation and policy are the keys to ending segregation in suburbs across the state
NJ Department of Human Services Makes Helping Homeless Priority No. 1
Colleen O'Dea | April 29, 2019 | Social
Changes in programs bolster support for young adults, families with children, make help available over longer periods
Lawmaker: Murphy To Sign Bill Easing Limits on Sex Abuse Suits Soon
Lilo H. Stainton | April 26, 2019 | Social
The measure, nearly 10 years in the making, would greatly expand the statute of limitations on civil suits brought by victims
Analysis: Most Older Residents Don’t Tap Available Food Assistance
Colleen O'Dea | April 24, 2019 | Social
Anti-hunger group estimates that 48 percent of New Jerseyans 60 and older who are eligible for SNAP got the food assistance
Searing Impact of Incarceration on Women and their Families
Lilo H. Stainton | April 19, 2019 | Social
Conference suggests that most re-entry services are geared toward men, leaving women to navigate the post-prison landscape largely on their own
Newark NIMBY on State Plan to Build Juvenile Justice Facility in Brick City
Colleen O'Dea | April 16, 2019 | Social
Social justice advocates argue money earmarked for incarceration would be better spent on rehabilitation
Should Child-Abuse Caseworkers Be Considered First Responders?
Brenda Flanagan | NJTV News | April 16, 2019 | Social
More than 3,000 workers and supervisors often fulfill same role and experience similar stress as police and firefighters, commissioner says
New Jersey Gives Hate and Hate Crimes Fewer Places to Hide
Colleen O'Dea | April 10, 2019 | Social
Attorney general’s office releases new guidelines for handling bias crimes, calls on Facebook to monitor Ocean County group ‘inciting violence against Orthodox Jews’
Closing NJ’s ‘Shameful’ Wealth Gap Between Whites, People of Color
Colleen O'Dea | April 4, 2019 | Social, The Booker Beat
Social advocacy group urges Garden State to get behind Individual Development Accounts, a matched approach to savings funded by participants, nonprofits, and the state
Amid Lingering Concerns, State Report on Bail Reform Notes Successes
Colleen O'Dea | April 3, 2019 | Social
A report by the state judiciary shows that fears of ‘chaos’ and ‘mayhem’ have failed to come to fruition
State Will Host Campus Sexual-Assault Forums
Joanna Gagis | NJTV News | March 29, 2019 | Social
A 2017 report highlights the need for better responses to and prevention of sexual violence
For Young Men of Color in Newark, Life Remains a Struggle
Colleen O'Dea | March 28, 2019 | Social
Despite homicide rates far higher than their peers statewide, and lower graduation rates, new report also reveals hopes for a better city and a better future
Making Imprisonment in NJ Easier on Women Prisoners, Families
Colleen O'Dea | March 25, 2019 | Social
‘Prison is truly a shared sentence as children directly suffer from the consequences of their parents’ sentences,’ says Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez
Group May Head Back to Court over Lack of NJ School Desegregation
Colleen O'Dea | March 20, 2019 | Education, Social
A lawsuit filed last year claims residency rules are to blame for lack of diversity in New Jersey public education
Murphy, Dem Leaders Now Must Round Up Votes for Marijuana Legislation
Carly Sitrin | March 13, 2019 | Social
Have they the support of enough Democrats to legalize adult use in New Jersey? That’s just one question arising out of this week’s agreement on legislation
Making the Case for Violence-Intervention Programs
Michael Hill | NJTV News | March 11, 2019 | Social
Legislators hear from experts and from people with direct experience of violence on our streets about the value of efforts that try to prevent it
Nonprofits Do More with Less but Fear Tax Revamp Will Hit Charitable Intake
Colleen O'Dea | March 7, 2019 | Social
Amid growing demand for their services, the worry is that federal income-tax overhaul could lead some people to donate less to key service organizations
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