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Mark J. Magyar

Months of Investigations Loom to Haunt Christie in Bridgegate
Mark J. Magyar | January 10, 2014 | Politics
Governor’s apology, staff firings won’t blunt probes; Wildstein is first to take the Fifth
'Bridgegate' Scandal, Coverup Reach Close to Christie
Mark J. Magyar | January 9, 2014 | More Issues, Politics
Deputy chief of staff ordered GWB lane closures, campaign manager named in emails
Embattled Port Authority Still Fighting Toll Hike Lawsuit
Mark J. Magyar | January 6, 2014 | More Issues, Politics, Transportation
Transportation experts question impact of soaring World Trade Center costs on agency finances, tollpayers
The Politics of Bridge-gate: Christie Fires Back
Mark J. Magyar | December 20, 2013 | More Issues
Christie’s ‘no big deal’ comment angers some Democrats, but Sweeney joins Norcross in defending governor’s integrity
Democrats Expand the Scope of Port Authority Investigations
Mark J. Magyar | December 17, 2013 | More Issues, Politics, Transportation
Weinberg, Wisniewski want structural overhaul of Port Authority; U.S. Senate panel launches inquiry; criminal probe may be next
Explainer: How Redistricting Can Shape Elections -- and What Happens When It Does
Mark J. Magyar | December 17, 2013 | More Issues, Politics, Explainer
Winning the backroom battle over reapportionment can keep a political party in power for a decade
Port Authority Scandal Is Result of Leadership, Patronage Mess, Analysts Say
Mark J. Magyar | December 16, 2013 | More Issues, Politics, Transportation
Transportation experts warned of dangers of growing cronyism, gubernatorial interference months before rogue lane closings in Fort Lee
Profile: Governor’s New Chief Of Staff Takes Second-Term Helm
Mark J. Magyar | December 4, 2013 | More Issues, Politics, Profiles
Regina Egea’s role will be critical as Christie campaigns nationwide for the Republican Governors Association and scrutiny mounts heading into 2016 presidential race
Kean Survives Ouster Vote Despite Christie Arm-Twisting
Mark J. Magyar | November 8, 2013 | More Issues, Politics
Senate minority leader targeted for trying to defeat Christie-crats in South Jersey
Sweeney Victory Tour Underscores Status as Gubernatorial Frontrunner
Mark J. Magyar | November 7, 2013 | More Issues, Politics
Tuesday wins, Senate presidency, and South Jersey fund-raising prowess make him the early favorite
Runaway Governor’s Race Confounds Pollsters and Pundits
Mark J. Magyar | November 5, 2013 | More Issues, Politics, Elections 2013
Christie’s coattails in legislative races hinge on margin of victory, but who votes -- and where -- is anybody’s guess
Explainer: Making Sense of New Jersey's Annual Structural Deficit
Mark J. Magyar | November 5, 2013 | Budget, More Issues, Explainer
Governors cite it to claim they cut billions in spending, their opponents cite it to claim fiscal mismanagement. Both are wrong
Christie, Buono Differ Sharply on Tax Cuts, Fiscal Challenges
Mark J. Magyar | October 30, 2013 | More Issues, Politics, Elections 2013
Governor presses immediate tax cut, while Democrat favors millionaire’s tax to fund property tax relief
Christie, Buono Diametrically Opposed on Jobs, Economy
Mark J. Magyar | October 25, 2013 | More Issues, Politics, Elections 2013
Leading economists say New Jersey needs bipartisan economic master plan to compete in global economy
NJ Faces Hefty Pricetag for Rail Tunnel, Transportation Projects
Mark J. Magyar | October 21, 2013 | More Issues, Transportation, Elections 2013
Governor, Legislature need plan to fund Gateway Tunnel, Transportation Trust Fund by 2015
Booker Bests Lonegan for Senate in Showdown Over Shutdown
Mark J. Magyar | October 17, 2013 | More Issues, Politics
Democrat claims victory over Lonegan as House GOP ends truculent 16-day stand
Booker-Lonegan Special Election Seen as Referendum on Shutdown Politics
Mark J. Magyar | October 16, 2013 | More Issues, Politics
U.S. Senate outcome also hinges on get-out-the-vote operation and what voters think of Booker, experts agree
Kinder, Gentler Chris Christie Wins First Debate by Not ‘Losing It’
Mark J. Magyar | October 9, 2013 | More Issues, Politics
Buono hammers away, but calm, cool, collected Christie won’t take the bait
Lonegan vs. Booker: Polar Opposites in a Polarized Nation
Mark J. Magyar | October 7, 2013 | Politics
U.S. Senate candidates differ more on domestic policy than in any modern NJ statewide race
Booker, Lonegan Welcome Battle Over Federal Shutdown
Mark J. Magyar | October 4, 2013 | More Issues, Politics
Shutdown underscores stark differences over federal spending and Affordable Care Act heading into their first Senate debate
Worried Democratic Legislators Back Away from Buono
Mark J. Magyar | September 23, 2013 | More Issues, Politics
Democratic incumbents in swing districts stress cooperation with Christie in pitch to independent voters
Liberal Think Tank Urges Property Tax Relief – But Only to Those Most in Need
Mark J. Magyar | September 6, 2013 | More Issues
New Jersey Policy Perspective proposal emphasizes tax equity in property tax plan.
Liberal Buono and Conservative Lonegan Face Similar Daunting Challenges
Mark J. Magyar | September 3, 2013 | More Issues, Politics
Traditional Labor Day kickoff finds political superstars Christie, Booker in commanding positions.
Explainer: Coming Up to Speed on the Transportation Trust Fund
Mark J. Magyar | September 3, 2013 | Explainer
Over-reliance on borrowing for TTF exacerbates state’s long-term debt burden
Booker Landslide Has Democrats Looking Past Lonegan
Mark J. Magyar | August 14, 2013 | Politics
Party leaders hope Booker’s celebrity, fund-raising, and GOTV efforts can provide boost in November
Christie’s Judicial Shuffle Escalates Supreme Court Battle
Mark J. Magyar | August 13, 2013 | Politics
Governor undermines court by discarding Justice Hoens, NJ Bar Association leader says
Candidate Booker’s Media Star Threatens to Eclipse Liberal Rivals
Mark J. Magyar | August 12, 2013 | More Issues, Politics
Democratic challengers question Booker’s closeness to Christie, monied interests.
No Reform in Sight for Bipartisan Abuse of State Pension Loophole
Mark J. Magyar | August 12, 2013 | Budget, Politics
Legislature won’t undercut patronage, entitlements for ‘political class,’ ethics advocate says.
Short Summer Primary Campaign Favors Booker, Lonegan
Mark J. Magyar | August 2, 2013 | Politics
Senate polls reflect frontrunners’ big lead in money, organization, and name recognition.
SEIU Officials Vow ‘Sky Is The Limit’ for Buono-Silva Ticket
Mark J. Magyar | July 30, 2013 | Politics
Christie campaign derides Buono’s ‘union pick’ for lieutenant governor as ‘special-interest organizer.’
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