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Ocean County Spends $15M in Open-Space Funds to Preserve 8,000 Acres
WHYY | February 26, 2019 | Energy & Environment
Purchase represents largest preservation effort since program launched in 1997
The Delaware River: A Timeline of Revival
WHYY | January 25, 2019 | Energy & Environment
It took decades, but a combination of public outcry, political will and the Clean Water Act eventually spurred the river’s revival
The Invisible Threats to the Delaware River
WHYY | January 24, 2019 | Energy & Environment
The Clean Water Act helped to transform the river, but it’s still vulnerable to a range of pollutants
How the Clean Water Act Fixed the Delaware River’s Pollution Problem
WHYY | January 23, 2019 | Energy & Environment
Oxygen levels in the river began to increase after cities like Philadelphia began treating wastewater
When the Delaware River Was Dying
WHYY | January 22, 2019 | Energy & Environment
About 1 million pounds of waste was going into the river every day in the ‘60s and the river was dying
Over Dinner, Paulsboro Residents Dish on NJ Politics and Politicians
WHYY | July 20, 2017 | Politics
Will these folks from Paulsboro vote in the upcoming gubernatorial election? Probably, but not because either of the two main candidates has set them on fire
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