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Raymond Castro

Op-Ed: Reinvest Healthcare Savings to Meet New Jersey’s Growing Needs
Raymond Castro | April 15, 2015 | Opinion
Federal funds for human services are a big help for residents, but the state needs to be smarter about leveraging them
Op-Ed: Avoiding Food Stamp Cuts for Up to 160,000 Households
Raymond Castro | March 13, 2014 | Opinion
Gov. Christie has the opportunity to generate economic activity while putting food on the table for our most vulnerable residents
Op-Ed: New Census Data Confirms Real Poverty is Rampant in New Jersey
Raymond Castro | November 20, 2013 | Opinion
According to the recent Supplemental Poverty Measure, one in seven residents is living in poverty
Op-Ed: And Now for the Good News, Medicaid Expansion Is Right on Schedule
Raymond Castro | October 17, 2013 | Opinion
There's far more to healthcare reform in NJ than computer glitches and interminable delays
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