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Lee Keough

Poll: Barbara Buono's Choice of Milly Silva -- Right Move or Wrong Step?
Lee Keough | August 1, 2013 | Polling
The Buono-Silva team has grabbed attention across the state, and the country, but what does it signify?
Conference Finds NJ Public Radio and TV Faring Well in New York, Philadelphia
Lee Keough | January 23, 2013 | More Issues, Politics
The state may have sold off its public radio and TV stations, but their New Jersey audience continues to grow.
New Jersey Voters Turn Out, Despite Obstacles and Irregularities
Lee Keough | November 7, 2012 | More Issues
In the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, New Jerseyans do whatever's necessary to make their votes count.
Waiver Approval Clears Way for Massive Medicaid Reform in New Jersey
Lee Keough | October 5, 2012 | Healthcare
Comprehensive Medicaid Waiver will help keep clients out of institutions, refocus treatment plans on managed care.
Roundtable: What’s Next for the ACA and a Health Insurance Exchange in New Jersey?
Lee Keough | July 16, 2012 | Healthcare
Now that the ACA has been upheld, New Jersey -- and other states -- must make critical decisions on a tight timetable.
Spotlight Podcast: Reconsidering Christie's Budget
Lee Keough | March 2, 2012 | Budget, Podcasts
NJ Spotlight and WHYY NewsWorks put the governor's proposed budget in perspective.
Introducing the NJ Spotlight 2011 Voter Guide
Lee Keough | September 30, 2011 |
An interactive way to keep tabs on candidates, races, and election news.
Report Calls NJ Fiscal Woes "Dire" and "Intertwined"
Lee Keough | February 4, 2011 | Budget
Facing Our Future offers a neutral examination of the state's budget issues.
Spotlight: Deputy Minority Leader of Assembly and Author
Lee Keough | July 21, 2010 |
Assemblywoman Amy Handlin is articulate enough to have just finished her second book and tough enough to survive New Jersey politics – and she has the bruises to prove it.
Proposed Cap on Tax Increases Spurs Debate on Services
Lee Keough | June 16, 2010 |
Proponents say a 2.5 percent limit on property tax increases is vital to the state's fiscal health; others fear impact on schools, police and fire.
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