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Aggressive Democratic Challenger in District 2 Makes Trump an Issue in Race
Chase Brush | October 24, 2016 | Politics, Elections 2016
Incumbent fights back arguing bipartisan record demonstrates commitment to residents in hard-hit South Jersey
Lawmakers Get Serious About Legalizing Grass in the Garden State
Chase Brush | October 21, 2016 | Politics
Will Christie’s concerns about this ‘gateway drug’ go up in smoke once he’s out of office?
Outside Interest Groups Infiltrate Political Process, Parties Losing Grip
Chase Brush | October 20, 2016 | Politics, Elections 2016
The latest figures for election spending in New Jersey show major parties have been weakened and special-interest groups continue to increase their influence
Clock Winds Down On Atlantic City’s Efforts to Deliver Five-Year Plan
Chase Brush | October 19, 2016 | Politics
City misses deadline to submit revised FY2016 budget to state’s Local Finance Board, sparks off exchange of letters between mayor and DCA
Money Shakes Up New Jersey's House Races
Chase Brush | October 18, 2016 | Politics, Elections 2016
There’s a lot of money sloshing around this season’s Congressional races, adding to the pressure on at least one long-term incumbent
New Attempt to Pin Christie to GWB Scandal Overshadows Bridgegate
Chase Brush | October 14, 2016 | Politics
A municipal judge allowed a citizen’s complaint of official misconduct against the governor to go forward
Push to Grant Driver's License to NJ's Undocumented Residents
Chase Brush | October 14, 2016 | Social, Immigration
Supporters say the card would help thousands of undocumented to drive legally, that it would improve road safety, and stimulate the state’s economy
Lesniak on Murphy's Endorsements: ‘Wealthiest, Rather Than the Best’
Chase Brush | October 13, 2016 | Politics
After deciding against a bid for 2017 Democratic gubernatorial nomination, disgruntled Lesniak says process ‘sucks’
Hate Crime Heightens Tensions in Already Divisive 7th District
Chase Brush | October 12, 2016 | Politics
Republican Rep. Lance decries as ‘abhorrent’ swastikas spray-painted on challenger Jacob’s house, but Democrat links act to ‘casual racism’ of Trump campaign
New Scrutiny for Whistleblower Case
Chase Brush | October 11, 2016 | More Issues
Lawmaker says it’s unacceptable for state to pay out $1.5 million, then refuse to discuss terms of a settlement involving allegations of serious corruption
Moody’s Issues ‘Credit Negative’ in Response to Passage of TTF Legislation
Chase Brush | October 11, 2016 | Budget
Wall St. firm raises fiscal concerns about effect of tax cuts included in bill to replenish Transportation Trust Fund
Murphy’s Move: Outsider to Likely Democratic Candidate for Governor
Chase Brush | October 7, 2016 | Politics
By putting a lock on the vote-rich northern counties, the former Goldman Sachs executive has swept aside other contenders — including Senate President Sweeney
TTF Legislation Hits Small Pothole on Way to Final Approval
Chase Brush | October 6, 2016 | Transportation
Lawmakers delay vote, arguing that process lacks transparency, hits residents who can least afford it hardest at the gas pump
Assemblyman Ciattarelli Declares for Governor, Claims State Is ‘On the Brink’
Chase Brush | October 5, 2016 | Politics
GOP candidate sees state ‘drowning in debt,’ puts school-funding reform and property-tax relief high on his list
Murphy Adds Plank to Platform: No Hedge Funds in Pension and Benefits System
Chase Brush | October 4, 2016 | Politics
Only declared Democratic candidate for governor takes progressive tack, but administration and consultant argue in favor of alternative investment strategies
NJ Workers in Line for Small Wage Hike, But Not What Democrats Wanted
Chase Brush | October 3, 2016 | Politics
Stymied by Gov. Christie, Democrats have been unable to get phased-in $15 an hour wage increase before public as ballot referendum
Advocates Clash with Administration Over Number of Poor in New Jersey
Chase Brush | September 30, 2016 | Social
Community leaders, others cite ‘crisis’ in social services, but administration’s data shows fewer people signing up for general assistance and emergency aid
Fulop’s Dramatic Departure Reshapes Dynamics of 2017 Gubernatorial Race
Chase Brush | September 29, 2016 | Politics
One less potential Democratic hopeful throws differences among remaining contenders in sharp relief
Keeping College Within Reach for Middle- and Working-Class Families
Chase Brush | September 28, 2016 | Education
With state investment in higher education continuing to decline, a new blueprint suggests ways to alleviate the burden on students and their families
Atlantic City’s $100M Gamble to Keep Its Water Utility in Public Hands
Chase Brush | September 27, 2016 | Politics
The state wants the city to sell the utility to meet the terms of an overdue bridge loan, but the city has another plan to raise the money and protect the water system
Paramus Mayor Endorses Murphy — Harbinger for Bergen County?
Chase Brush | September 26, 2016 | Politics
Does Mayor LaBarbiera’s backing signal that Bergen — likely the last true swing county in the state — is up for grabs?
With Infrastructure Projects Sidelined, Who Pays for Broken Contracts?
Chase Brush | September 23, 2016 | Transportation
Counties and municipalities are coming under the gun for road and bridge projects Christie has shut down until cash is found for Transportation Trust Fund
Powerful Backers of Gambling in North Jersey Decide to Fold Their Hand
Chase Brush | September 23, 2016 | More Issues, Politics
Our Turn NJ pulls its TV spot, saying voters ‘very negative’ about November ballot referendum
Money, Accusations, Attacks — The Race for the 5th District Is Just Heating Up
Chase Brush | September 22, 2016 | Politics
Democratic hopeful Josh Gottheimer wants to take the 5th from arch-conservative incumbent Rep. Scott Garrett. He may just be within striking distance
Christie in Crosshairs, Targeted by Bridgegate Opening Statements
Chase Brush | September 20, 2016 | Politics
Both the defense and the prosecution invoked the governor’s name numerous times during Day 1 of the Bridgegate trial — with good reason
Atlantic City On the Brink Again: Misses Deadline, Violates Terms of Loan
Chase Brush | September 19, 2016 | Politics
Senator says failure to agree on dissolution of the Municipal Utilities Authority might indicate city council’s 'unwillingness to make other tough choices’
The Public School Funding Battle: No Holds Barred
Chase Brush | September 16, 2016 | Education
Christie wants to scrap Abbott v. Burke; Sweeney wants a commission to make sure that funding decisions are fair
Consent Order Brings Teachers, Administration to Benefits Table
Chase Brush | September 14, 2016 | Budget
NJEA has refused to meet, saying unfilled seat on health benefits commission tips balance of power in favor of Christie
Senate Committee ‘Green Lights’ Sweeney’s School-Funding Plan
Chase Brush | September 13, 2016 | Education
A first step in what Senate president hopes is an end run around Christie
Bills to Expand Rutgers' Board of Governors Make Progress in Legislature
Chase Brush | June 13, 2014 | Education, Politics
Controversial bills to add four governors to board could face state and federal constitutional challenges
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