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Andrew Kitchenman

Bill Barring Out-of-State Owners Would Block Outpatient Surgery Center
Andrew Kitchenman | June 30, 2015 | Healthcare
Pennsylvania hospital battle spills over New Jersey border as Warren County legislator urges Christie to veto measure
Ruling Could Put Nonprofit Hospitals on Hook for Millions in Property Taxes
Andrew Kitchenman | June 29, 2015 | Healthcare
But leading Democratic legislator says state could restore tax exemption if judge’s opinion stands
Healthcare Advocates in NJ Cheer High Court’s Ruling Upholding ACA Subsidies
Andrew Kitchenman | June 26, 2015 | Healthcare
Analysts say improvements needed in national health insurance law could be addressed at state level
Is It Camden or ‘Communist China’? City’s Paramedic Turf Wars Get Ugly
Andrew Kitchenman | June 25, 2015 | Healthcare
Lourdes Health Systems says it may have to shut doors if Cooper-friendly legislation goes through
Big Issues Await State’s New Insurance, Health and Human Services Leaders
Andrew Kitchenman | June 24, 2015 | Healthcare
Decision on ending hospital sale, possible cuts in charity funding, and looming ruling on ACA subsidies among potential challenges
Bills Would Restore Funding Christie Slashed in 2010 for Family Planning Clinics
Andrew Kitchenman | June 23, 2015 | Healthcare
Advocates and legislators call governor’s concerns ideological, not budgetary as he claimed
Ambulatory Surgery Centers Play Important But Shifting Role in NJ Healthcare
Andrew Kitchenman | June 22, 2015 | Healthcare
Industry, traditionally run by doctors, trends away from standalone, out-of-network operations toward mergers with hospitals
No Signs That State Is Ready for Ruling That Could End Federal Insurance Subsidies
Andrew Kitchenman | June 19, 2015 | Healthcare
Individual insurance market could collapse if newly insured lose ACA tax credits
Plan to Prevent Unexpected Medical Bills Stalls, But Backers Still Hopeful
Andrew Kitchenman | June 18, 2015 | Healthcare
Lawmakers want info on impact on small urban hospitals and state budget, while head of state’s biggest insurer says issue must be high priority
State Funding Cuts Squeeze Program to Help Seniors to Continue to Live at Home
Andrew Kitchenman | June 17, 2015 | Healthcare
Advocates say NJ can learn from PACE approach to bolsters its own managed-care initiative
Cooper Scores First-Round Victory on EMS Legislation, But Key Senator Slams Plan
Andrew Kitchenman | June 16, 2015 | Healthcare
Hospital would take over emergency coverage now provided in Camden by rival healthcare organization
Insurers Balk at Legislation That Would Make Them Pay for Safer Painkillers
Andrew Kitchenman | June 15, 2015 | Healthcare
But deal may be reached to lower patients’ out-of-pocket costs for some of the newer abuse-deterrent opioids
The List: 10 New Jersey Hospitals with the Most Challenging Mix of Payers
Andrew Kitchenman | June 15, 2015 | Healthcare, The List
Bergen Regional, Newark’s University Hospital top list with combined Medicaid/uninsured share
Competing Hospitals Stake Claim to Providing Paramedic Services in Camden
Andrew Kitchenman | June 12, 2015 | Healthcare
Legislation would let Cooper, with its Level I Trauma Center, take over coverage from longtime provider Virtua
Advocates for Intellectually Disabled Cry Foul Over Revamped Policies
Andrew Kitchenman | June 11, 2015 | Healthcare
Critics, including legislators, assail rules for out-of-state residencies and group facilities, as well as switch from contracts to fees for services
Profile: After Career in Law, She’s Rising Quickly in World of Health Policy
Andrew Kitchenman | June 10, 2015 | Profiles
Incoming head of Health Care Quality Institute wants to put focus on needs of consumers
Bill Seeks to Stop Spread of Outpatient Centers Owned by Out-of-State Hospitals
Andrew Kitchenman | June 10, 2015 | Healthcare
Industry association backs measure limiting surgical center ownership to in-state hospitals or medical schools
Out-of-Network Bill Hits Snag in State Senate, Likely Delayed Until Fall
Andrew Kitchenman | June 9, 2015 | Healthcare
Commerce committee members raise concerns about arbitration proposal, possible advantage to insurers
State Works to Convince More Moms to Breastfeed for Sake of Kids' Health
Andrew Kitchenman | June 5, 2015 | Healthcare
Strong evidence of health benefits propels statewide campaign, including efforts to address low rate in African-American community
Larger Hospital Systems Loom in New Jersey’s Future, New Report Forecasts
Andrew Kitchenman | June 4, 2015 | Healthcare
Encyclopedic report assesses hospital consolidation and mergers, new ways to deliver services to patients
ELEC Report Reveals Healthcare Most Heavily Lobbied Sector in New Jersey
Andrew Kitchenman | June 3, 2015 | Healthcare
Newly released report takes unique tack, toting up number of official contacts regarding bills, not just amount of money spent by lobbyists
Easy Access to Info on Costs of Medical Procedures Remains Key Provision of Bill
Andrew Kitchenman | June 2, 2015 | Healthcare
Legislation aimed at preventing surprise ‘out-of-network’ bills would no longer cap charges, but would require binding arbitration to settle provider-insurer fee disputes
Hospitals Ask Permission to Perform Non-Emergency, Elective Angioplasties
Andrew Kitchenman | June 1, 2015 | Healthcare
State considers allowing 11 hospitals that participated in national project to continue offering procedure
New Federal Medicaid Rules Present Opportunity to Advance Reforms in NJ
Andrew Kitchenman | May 29, 2015 | Healthcare
Regulation moves Medicaid closer to insurance coverage available through federal marketplace
Expanding Awareness of Palliative Care for Gravely Ill Is Goal of Bill
Andrew Kitchenman | May 28, 2015 | Healthcare
Supporters see measure as step in broader effort to expand new field of medicine
In Essex County Man’s Death, Echoes of Much-Publicized Ebola Case in Texas
Andrew Kitchenman | May 27, 2015 | Healthcare
Lassa fever raises fewer concerns in NJ and U.S., since infection traced to visit to Liberia is far less deadly
Nurse-Led, Team-Focused Healthcare Inspires Providers in New Jersey
Andrew Kitchenman | May 26, 2015 | Healthcare
Trailblazer in care-delivery model warns it requires hard work – but it gets results
Federal Research Bill Holds Promise for ‘Personalized Medicine’ in New Jersey
Andrew Kitchenman | May 22, 2015 | Healthcare
21st Century Cures Act attracts bipartisan NJ sponsors Pallone and Lance, draws praise from researchers and industry
In New World of Healthcare Choices, Helping Patients Make Good Decisions
Andrew Kitchenman | May 21, 2015 | Healthcare
As patients take on responsibility of choosing their insurers, doctors and medical procedures, new risks and opportunities arise
Proposed Legislation Could Reduce Religious Exemptions for Vaccinations
Andrew Kitchenman | May 20, 2015 | Healthcare
Opponents say the law would be unconstitutional, but supporters say it’s similar to measures upheld in other states
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