Vigilance in NJ as Severe COVID-19 Cases Emerge in Kids in NY

There are no reported cases in New Jersey, but health care providers are trying to understand wave of pediatric hospitalizations

Amid all the angst over COVID-19, a bright side has been the limited impact it has had on New Jersey’s children. That is until recent reports of pediatric hospitalizations started to emerge in New York.

“As far as we know now, there is a new, severe form of COVID which we call Pediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Disorder, which is affecting the blood vessels and the heart. And that one presents with fever, persistent fever, more than four or five days,” said Dr. Figen Altunkaya, a pediatrician at Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care.

There have been about 50 cases in New York of the disorder. There are no reported cases in New Jersey.

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