Woodbridge gets ready to host 13th NJ Senior Olympics in September

Woodbridge is getting ready to host the 13th New Jersey Senior Olympic Games. It’ll take place over three days in September — men and women 50 and older competing in 23 different sports throughout Woodbridge. 1,300 men and women from Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey competed in last year’s senior Olympics. Many of them won a ton of medals.

Meredith Lyndo lost count of how many gold, silver and bronze medals she’s won in swimming. She’s been competing in the games since 2010.

The state games promote Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac’s campaign for wellness in health and finances. The event fills up all the hotels in town.

“That means all these people are buying lunch in Woodbridge, dinner in Woodbridge, buying breakfast Sunday morning in Woodbridge, buying gas in Woodbridge. They’re going to Woodbridge Center. They’re doing everything when they come here that weekend so it’s great for our local economy,” the mayor said.

Senior athletes have until Aug. 26 to sign up.