Winter storm wraps up, cleanup begins

Over 150,000 residents are without power, and over a foot of snow has fallen in central and northern New Jersey, as of this evening. We have one more strong band yet to pass across northern and eastern portions of the state before we wrap up snowfall by 9 p.m.

Our powerful winter storm started in somewhat benign fashion, with most snow struggling to accumulate in most parts of the state until about noon. Once the heavy bands pressed in from the Atlantic Ocean around midday, accumulations piled up and road conditions quickly deteriorated. In general, most locations received the expected amount of snow, although as the storm jogged a bit east of projected early this morning, areas south and east of the Turnpike stayed colder and saw a bit more than expected.

Snow ends by 9 p.m. statewide. That will give the road crews plenty of time to catch up overnight. The weather looks fair through the rest of the week and most of the weekend, seasonal temperatures and fair skies. As long as residents have power, tomorrow should be a fairly normal day. The next weather maker may come Sunday into Monday, and yes, it could be snow. Stay tuned.