Talk of impeachment dominates Atlantic City conference for NJ Dems

The theme is unity at the annual statewide conference of Democrats in Atlantic City, despite a lack of big-name support, with Senate President Steve Sweeney being one noticeable absence. The topic dominating the conversation at the conference is the same one being held throughout the country — impeachment.

“I think collectively, our most important responsibility is to make sure the institutions of our country and our constitution are appropriately safeguarded,”  said Sen. Loretta Weinberg. “That is more important than protecting whatever incumbent or whatever challenger, and I think we’re at that moment.”

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The galvanizing power of the impeachment threat notwithstanding, Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver warned her fellow party members that staying in their intraparty silos posed a great danger as they head into 2020.

“That’s what happened to us in 2016. You had the ‘Stay at Home’ Democrats. You had the ‘I’m a Barack Obama’ Democrat. ‘I’m Not a Hillary Clinton’ Democrat,” said Oliver. “And Democrats, when you stayed home and did that, not just in New Jersey but all over this country, when you did that, you got what you have sitting in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the conference’s keynote speaker and is expected to give her address to New Jersey Democrats Friday night