Students learn pedestrian safety practices on International Walk to School Day

To mark International Walk to School Day, students at Newark’s Marion P. Thomas Charter School PAC Academy learned from experts about the importance of walking to and from school safely.

“School-age children are vulnerable populations for pedestrian injuries especially in the city of Newark,” said Iesha Suber, injury prevention and outreach coordinator at University Hospital in Newark. “One critical thing that we try to teach the kids is to not be distracted when they’re crossing the street. So cellphones down, ear phones off, stopping at the curb, looking left, right, left.”

Children from ages 3 to 14 watched demonstrations involving props to help create real-life scenarios and had the opportunity to meet emergency personnel who would help them if an accident were to occur.

“We have folks from law enforcement here, we have people who are crossing guards, people who help kids in the streets, so each person has a different perspective about what they’ve seen that increases risks for kids,” said Dr. Shereef Elnahal, president and CEO of University Hospital, which hosted the educational presentation.

All students left the event equipped with reflective backpacks filled with educational materials on the pedestrian safety.