State Comptroller Says the DRPA Wasted Millions of Dollars

March 30, 2012 | Transportation
Matthew Boxer said he is confident the DRPA will fix the problems found in a report.

The state comptroller’s office recently released a report criticizing the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) for wasting millions of dollars. State Comptroller Matthew Boxer spoke with NJ Today Managing Editor Mike Schneider about the report and the steps the DRPA is taking to fix the problems.

Boxer said some areas of the agency were wasting millions of dollars and in others, the waste is in the hundreds of millions of dollars. He said that E-ZPass abuse disturbed his office the most.

“The Authority was providing free lifetime passage over its bridges to its commissioners, retired commissioners and executive staff,” Boxer said. “What we found in addition to that was those employees and commissioners were sharing the benefit with others such as family members and friends and business associates who they were putting on their accounts.”

Boxer said insurance brokers working for the DRPA were exchanging and passing along their commissions, which he said resulted in a loss for the agency. He said the practice had been going on since 2003, but the DRPA was committed to ending the practice of splitting broker fees.

Boxer said he’s confident that the problems found will be resolved. “It was an 18-month review on our part so we believe that the significant issues have now been flagged and are in the process of being rectified,” he said. “Many of those issues are already being addressed by the DRPA to their credit, so we believe that the significant issues have now been addressed and will be tackled going forward.”