State Climatologist: Storm to Continue with Possible Snow and Freezing Rain

December 9, 2014 | Weather

We got hammered as a strong nor’easter settled in over the state. At least two inches of rain caused coastal flooding, high tides, closed schools, closed roads, snarled traffic and there were wind and wintry weather advisories. And get out the hip-waders. The storm’s not over yet. New Jersey State Climatologist David Robinson told NJTV News Anchor Mary Alice Williams that the storm is expected to continue through Thursday with possible snow and freezing rain.

Robinson said that the worst of the storm is over in terms of tidal flooding and heavy precipitation. But he said that the storm itself is not over yet and there are going to be strong winds on the backside of the storm and maybe even a little mixed precipitation as the storm very slowly moves out of New Jersey.

Robinson said that the storm will continue through Thursday but the rain totals will not be high.

“The real concern is that some cold air filters in at all levels of the atmosphere, I might add. We might see some frozen precipitation, which could in the nighttime hours, particularly Thursday night, ice things up a little bit,” said Robinson.

Robinson said there could be snow and that there will probably be more snow than freezing rain.

Robinson said that there was moderate flooding from coastal tidal flooding earlier in the afternoon, particularly in the southern half of the New Jersey coast. He said that fortunately there was nothing more severe than low to middle-moderate type flooding. He said heavy rain did not fall inland so there was only light stream and river flooding. He said that the heaviest rain fell right against the coast where it goes out to sea once the tides go down.

“The commute tomorrow is going to be a lot better than it was this morning. There still may be some wrap-around moisture out there. The winds may be stronger than they were this morning but otherwise a better commute than earlier today,” said Robinson.